Our competitive season for 2018-2019 is underway. Check back in March 2019 for more information regarding next season. We are excited to be offering both All-Star (May-April) and All-Star Prep (Sept-April) teams for the 2019-2020 Season!

Registration open:

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Tiny Tots:

WHO – Age 3-5, new and returning athletes
WHEN – Sunday’s 2-3pm
Tiny tots cheer is an introduction to cheer program for preschoolers. The program focuses on gross motor development, learning to participate in a class environment without mom or dad, and developing a passion for fitness early on. We will learn jumps, motions, cheer body positions, tumbling basics and we will also have fun doing obstacle courses on gym equipment, trampoline play and air track play, all designed to develop strength and body awareness/control. The skills learned in this class will benefit your tiny athlete whether they are a cheerleader for life or move on to other sports!

PROGRAM COST - $100 for 8 weeks/8hrs of instruction

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Cheer 101

IMPORTANT - We have changed the 7-8pm slot to age 7-11.
The 6-7pm slot will still be for age 6-9.

WHO – Kids age 6-11 who are new to cheer
WHEN – Wednesdays: 6-7pm for ages 6-9, 7-8pm for ages 7-11.
Cheer 101 is a recreational program for new athletes, we will start with the very basics and work our way up. This program is perfect for those who have never cheered or may have attended one of our ‘Check out Cheer’ classes. We will be learning cheer motions, jumps, basic stunts and tumbling. Whether you will continue in one of our recreational programs or join one of our prep or All-Star teams, this is the perfect place for you to start!
PROGRAM COST - $100 for 8 weeks/8 hours of instruction

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Adult Stunting and Tumbling

WHO – Age 17 and up, no prior experience required
WHEN – Sunday’s 4:45-6:15
This class is open to anyone over 17, regardless of prior experience. Whether you cheered when you were younger, are a former gymnast, have two left feet but have always wanted to try something like cheer, or your child is in cheer and you want to be able to connect with them you are welcome to join us! This program will be a relaxed atmosphere but will still be a structured class. If you think you are too old/out of shape – you are wrong! Classes will consist of stunts and tumbling working with the skill level of those participating.
CHILD CARE is available on site during class by our Junior Coaches.
PROGRAM COST - $100 for 8 weeks/12hrs of instruction


All-Star Clinic

WHO – Athletes age 6-14 who have competed on one of our teams or took part in at least one recreational sessions.
WHEN – Sunday’s from 3-4:30pm
Our first two seasons our teams have competed in the All-Star Prep division. Due to the huge amount of success our teams have been having at competitions, we are THRILLED to announce we are planning to have 1-2 teams compete in the All-Star division for the 2019-2020 season. This program will focus on building elite stunting skills and combination tumbling passes along with plyometric conditioning, flexibility work and overall fitness. Athletes in this class will be split into groups based on age. *Invites for this class will be handed out at Hawks and Hornets classes. Current recreational athletes are advised to consult with Viola if they would like to participate to see if this class is right for them.
PROGRAM COST - $150 for 8 weeks/12hrs of instruction


Level Up Clinic

WHO – current athletes age 6-14 by invite only
WHEN – Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm
Athletes will work on strength development, level 2 tumbling (front and back handsprings), level 2 stunts including extensions, prep level libs unbraced, ½ ups to prep and extension, inversions from ground to prep/extension, tic tocks and ½ twisting tic tocks at prep, ½ twist to prone, barrel rolls, leap frogs, and basket tosses. Attendance is highly recommended for those who would like to be invited to level 2 tryouts.
*This class is by invite only. If you are a recreational athlete and are hoping to compete next year, ask Viola if this class is right for you.
PROGRAM COST - $180 for 8 weeks/16hours of instruction

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Performance Team

WHO – open to all current members
WHEN – Sunday’s 11-11:45am
This team is open to all of our current members - both all-star and recreational. Team members will be learning two routines - a performance routine and a parade routine. Athletes will be performing at: Ronald McDonald Run Cold Lake on May 4th, 2nd Annual Cheer Force Colour Run – tentative date June 22nd, and the Canada Day Parade on July 1. Attendance is mandatory for practices and performances, if you have a scheduled vacation during this time frame please email before registering to see if the team is a good fit for you.
PROGRAM COST - $175 for 14 weeks/10.5 hours of instruction, 3 performances and performance top.

Private Lessons

WHO - Open to all current athletes
WHEN - Available every Sunday 10:30-11:15
Due to popular demand, we will be offering private lessons this spring. Private lessons can be for 1 athlete or for 2 athletes who are at a similar level. This is a great opportunity to get one on one assistance to prepare for 2019-2020 team placements. *Must pay up front to reserve spot. Cancellations must be made with 1 week notice. Cancellations made with less than a week notice will not receive refund.
1 athlete: $35/session
2 athletes: $25each/session

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