Can boys join cheerleading?

They certainly can! Males are welcome and encouraged to register for any of our programs. We have a handful boys registered currently and they are having a blast.

What experience do I need to join a team? 

Our recreational programs do not require any experience from any age level. These classes are open to anyone within the age range who wishes to register. 

Competitive programs do not require experience in cheer, but trying out a class or recreational session is suggested before committing to the full season. Athlete's wishing to compete are required to attend two team placements and will be assessed on work ethic, current skill level, overall athleticism and ability to follow direction. Coaches' will then create teams based on what age groups and and difficulty level suits the majority of the athletes at team placements. No one will be 'cut' from a team, but we can only place so many athletes on each team. If there is not room for everyone, some athletes' will be referred to our recreational program to develop their skills. 

How do I decide between recreational and competitive? 

Recreational cheer is a 12 wk season and a once/wk commitment whereas competitive runs 8 months of the year, with one practice per week in the summer and 2 per week from Sept-Mar. 

Competitive cheer requires a larger time and financial commitment. Athletes' must follow strict attendance rules and are required to travel 4 times between Dec-Mar. However, it provides the athletes' with a longer time period to bond and develop their skills as a team and they learn confidence performing in front of large crowds. Cheer competitions are so much fun!

Full details for each program are in our info packages

My child is nervous to 'tryout' for a team, what will it be like?

Team placements are a fun, very low pressure environment. We teach the athletes the basics and assess them on current skill and athleticism, but more importantly work ethic and willingness to try. Athletes are not put on the spot and asked to perform in front of the whole group. Tumbling skills and stunt skills will be assessed in small groups with friendly coaches.

How many kids do you cut from the teams?

We are a growing program, so we do not aim to disappoint anyone who comes out to placements. In some cases, it would be beneficial for athletes to take a recreational session or two before joining a competitive team. If an athlete joins a competitive team when they are not quite ready, they usually don't enjoy themselves as much as they would with a group of similarly skilled athletes. We have team placements to ensure each athlete gets the most out of their cheer experience and are placed in a class where they will thrive. Any athlete that is not placed on a competitive team will be offered a spot on a recreational team. 

Can I try a class before committing to a season? 

Yes, email for information about upcoming ‘Check Out Cheer’ classes.

Do you offer fundraising opportunities?

Absolutely! We will be having plenty of fundraisers throughout the year for both individual competition fees and gym equipment.