Spring classes are underway, Summer registration will be available soon!

Everyone who has tried our adult stunting and tumbling classes has come back for more! Come give it a try and you just might discover a new passion, new friends, and a great way to stay/get fit. 

What is stunting? Stunting is when 1, 2 or 3 people lift/throw another person in the air. The person lifted is spun, inverted, or released on the way up and down to create exciting visual effects. (Don't worry - we'll start with the basics until we have you hooked!)

What is tumbling? People often refer to tumbling as 'gymnastics', tumbling is any 'flip' where your body goes completely upside down - from a somersault to a twisting back flip.

NO experience necessary! Want to work on your physical fitness? Why not lift people instead of weights?! Want to build up skills you used to have in high school? Have a child obsessed with cheerleading and want to connect with them/understand what in the world they are talking about?! Want to do a fun activity with your spouse to spend time together? Complain that there is NOTHING for adults to do in Cold Lake?!?!

"I could never do that - I am not flexible/out of shape/too OLD" CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Our coaches want to help you learn!

All skills are performed on a sprung floor with a mat. We have an abundance of skill mats, landing mats and tumbling tracks which combined with spotting from our credentialed coaches will ensure you are safe!

Childcare available on site with our junior coaches’!